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Case Studies

Case studies of companies in various industries that are utilizing Catalytic Product's air pollution control solutions to meet EPA federal and state regulations cost-effectively. Solutions include CPI's TRITON regenerative thermal oxidizers, VECTOR catalytic oxidizers, and QUADRANT thermal oxidizers

Flavoring & Fragrance Manufacturing Solutions for VOC and Odor Control


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odors are natural by-products of many chemical manufacturing processes. The manufacturing of powdered and liquid flavorings & fragrances involves production phases where VOCs and odors can escape into the ambient air.  Recapture of the VOCs is important in the prevention of air pollution and smog.  Smog is formed when VOCs react with nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the presence of sunlight. The reaction forms ground level ozone, airborne particulates, and some other pollution.

Ozone has been selected as the standard to measure ground level pollution, a precursor under EPA’s criteria pollutant program.  Areas of the country that have ozone readings above EPA guidelines are ruled nonattainment areas and have stricter regulations for VOC, CO, and NOx emissions. This proves that although the compounds that create offensive odors may not be present in sufficient concentrations to present a health risk, they can diminish the quality of life for the community surrounding the manufacturing process.

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Topics: VOC Emissions, Flavoring, Fragrance

Rubber Products Mfg & Air Pollution Particulate: Tire-d of the Build Up?

Industrial manufacturing companies, such as the tire and rubber manufacturing industry are striving for maximum uptime of their process manufacturing equipment. It is vital that unplanned downtime is kept to a minimum, and maintenance intervals can be predicted to match the scheduled downtime of each individual facility. This is especially true with your air pollution control equipment which is essentially the “permit to operate” the revenue generating portions of your manufacturing process.  Don’t let the stress of untimely and costly downtime build up, literally. 

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Topics: Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, Automotive Industry, Rubber & Rubber Products

Chemical Mfg. Plant Avoids Long Term Shut Down with Thermal Oxidizer

Recently, Catalytic Products International (CPI) worked with a customer who determined during a routine plant inspection that they had unexpected emissions from their process. This can happen as regulations change and as plants continue to improve operations or even change products or processes.  In this case, the customer voluntarily shut down their process immediately until a solution could be found.

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Topics: Thermal Oxidizer, Chemical Industry

Automotive Parts Coater Exceeds Local Air Quality Requirements

Today many companies are faced with unique air pollution control problems arising from their part coating operations. Not only are vented emissions required to be controlled, but now a more pressing issue is how to treat fugitive emissions.

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Topics: Automotive Industry, Catalytic Oxidizers, Paint & Coatings

Automotive Manufacturer Chooses the QUADRANT SR Thermal Oxidizer

The worlds largest automotive manufacturer recently installed our QUADRANT SR-Series Thermal Oxidizer for use at destroying CO and VOC emissions from the exhaust generated by an engine test cell facility. The test facility houses several engine, transmission, and chassis dynamometer’s. The manufacturer demanded a system that would provide the highest uptime reliability and highest performance.

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Topics: VOC Emissions, Thermal Oxidizer, Automotive Industry

Solid Waste Gasification Pollution Abatement


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Topics: Thermal Oxidizer

Landfill Waste Gas Abatement

For nearly 45 years Catalytic Products International has designed and manufactured specialized oxidation systems for use in controlling process-related VOC emissions.

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Topics: VOC Emissions, Thermal Oxidizer, Landfill

Canadian Biofuel Manufacturer requires Air Pollution Control

With the expected rise in oil prices in the next few years, the increasing instability of the world oil supply, and the increasing demands from the EPA for cleaner fuels and production processes, Food and Plant based Ethanol production is on the rise. Along with this rise in production comes an increased requirement for Air Pollution Control Solutions in the Bio-Fuel’s market.

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Topics: Thermal Oxidizer

Can Coater Chooses the Quadrant SR Thermal Oxidizer

A metal can manufacturer worked with Catalytic Products International, Inc to design a unique Thermal (recuperative) Oxidizer. A recuperative thermal oxidizer was chosen over other thermal oxidation systems because of high solvent loads exhausted from the company’s can coating lines and a desire to integrate customized energy recovery system.

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Topics: Thermal Oxidizer, Waste Heat Recovery, Container Manufacturing & Decorating

Flexographic Printer System Repair

A flexographic printer recently contacted Catalytic Products International for help solving a recurring problem with competitors Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) that was purchased two years earlier. The system had never been able to pass a stack test; the company was out of compliance and running out of time with the state EPA.  Any calls for assistance in getting the RTO to be compliant by the original manufacturer went unanswered.  Here's how we helped our customer:

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Topics: Maintenance and Repairs, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, Web Coating and Printing Industry